Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Upcoming Meetings / Events
15 April – Sunday Worship
Native American Ministries Sunday
Sermon:  "You Are Witnesses”
Rev. Wendell Luke

17 April – Tuesday
Trustees Meeting

25 April - Wednesday
Church Council Meeting

Native American Ministries Sunday

Native American Ministries Sunday is a very special celebration that United Methodist churches across the country celebrate every year. With a special offering on this designated Sunday in April, we honor and empower the Native Americans in our church community. Native Americans - with many unique languages and cultures - honor Jesus and live as Christians led by a contingent of primarily Native American pastors. It is a joy to celebrate and embolden their congregations on this day!
Here are five reasons we believe in the importance of this Special Sunday:
- We are committed to racial reconciliation.
The struggles of First Americans are often invisible. As a result of historic and ongoing institutional racism, our Native communities experience high rates of poverty and suicide. As United Methodists, we have vowed to seek reconciliation with Native Americans and are committed to represent their community in a way that befits their proud heritage. This offering specifically supports Native American seminarians, strengthens, develops and equips Native American rural, urban and reservation congregations, ministries and communities and annual conference Native American Ministries.
- We believe in funding justice efforts for Native Americans.
“Social justice” is more than a buzzword for United Methodist congregations. With this offering, we are saying YES to creating programs that enrich, empower and educate. So many people want to support our First Americans but don’t know where to start. Giving generously on this Sunday is an easy way to show our support.
- When we give together, we do more.
Connectionalismis a high priority for our denomination. We believe in joining together, as congregations, to celebrate together on six Special Sundays throughout the year. This particular Special Sunday is the biggest impact we make together for Native American communities.
- We believe in taking care of our own family.
As United Methodists, we are committed to serving and giving all over the world, but we are just as committed to caring for our own communities. 1 Timothy 5:8 challenges us to take care of our own family. On Native American Ministries Sunday, we do just that.
- We want to model generosity for our community future generations.
Generosity leaves a legacy. When we give as a community, we tell our local community that we care. When we give as a community to diverse causes, we are making sure people know that our churches are externally focused. We believe in diversity, and we believe in supporting all people. On this day, we make sure to support our First Americans.
 Together, we do more! You may write a check payable to Weston UMC and in the memo line write "Native American Ministries", or write this memo line on an envelope with cash, and place it in the offering plate at Sunday worship.

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