Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Upcoming Meetings / Events
Sunday 25 February, 12:00 pm – Lenten Study w/ Lunch (5 Weeks)
Praying in a Noisy World by Rueben Job
Leader: Bob Hout
Friday 2 March, 120:00 pm  World Day of Prayer event at Weston UMC
Lenten Sermon Series
Theme:  Prayer and Justice
February 18 - The First Sunday of Lent:   
Lord’s Prayer and Justice:  “Your Will be Done on Earth”
February 25 - The Second Sunday of Lent:  
“Prayer and Racial Justice”
March 4 - The Third Sunday of Lent:        
“Prayer and Full Inclusion of LGBTQ Sisters and Brothers”
March 11 - The Fourth Sunday of Lent:     
“Prayer and Ecological Justice”
March 18The Fifth Sunday of Lent
 Guest Preacher
Please take a moment to write out a Prayer Request or Blessings to add to our new poster in the Narthex.

Best Wishes and Thank You to Shari Gabriele
Best wishes and thank you to Shari Gabriele, our Administrative Assistant for the past several years.    Her last day will be Wednesday February 28th.  We wish her well in her future endeavors.

Lenten Study
Please consider joining the Lenten Study group after worship on the Sunday’s during Lent.  All are welcome, whether you come for one session or the whole series.

Last Sunday, eight folks stayed following the morning worship service and fellowship time with lunch to join in a successful one hour small group discussion about "Sitting in Silence". We talked about finding a quiet place and time to help us focus on the voice of God, who is seeking our attention.

This Sunday, you're welcome to stay for a discussion about "Releasing Our Fears, Needs, and Hopes" into God's care, and inviting the Spirit to reassure us of God's love and presence.
Whether or not you attend the small group discussions, feel free to use the study's daily prayer plans as part of your Lenten observance. Please contact Bob Hout to be emailed a copy of the prayer plans

World Day of Prayer - Suriname
For only the second time since the 1990’s, the World Day of Prayer 2018 service in our area will be celebrated at Weston UMC, on Friday, March 2nd at 12 noon. Invite your family and friends to join in a one hour inspirational service of prayer and song, this year lifting up the people of the South American country of Suriname. After worship, stay and sample the aroma and flavor of some of Suriname's tasty delicacies. No reservations are needed.

Please contact Bob Hout for more info,  or if you'd like to help with the event, particularly by preparing one of the delicacies (recipes are available) -


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